Healing the Most Broken Part of Me expounds upon a personal journey of healing from traumatic experiences endured within the mother-daughter relationship. It is interactive. Choosing to heal from traumatic experiences requires commitment and hard work. When you choose to confront the issues of your past that are affecting your present, it can be frightening. It can feel lonely. It can seem impossible. As a believer, leaning into God’s Word and using every resource available to become the best version of yourself, will help you overcome the emotional and mental turmoil that has been hurting you for years. You don’t have to stay in this cycle. You don’t have to repeat the same mistakes as your mother. You no longer have to be bound by the traumatic experiences of that relationship or any other. You can experience healing. You can be happy. You can live a life free of guilt and shame. You can be the best mother you desire to be to your children. God wants you to be whole. It’s your right. Receive it as you allow this book to speak to your heart.

Healing the Most Broken Part of Me